Savoir X KEF Present the Seventy Five Bed

5 January 2024

Savoir X KEF Present the Seventy Five Bed

For 2024, Savoir and KEF have come together to create a meticulously crafted bed, the ‘SEVENTY FIVE’, featuring effortlessly integrated speakers to aid relaxation, optimise sleep health and serenade sleepers into a restful slumber.

It will be available exclusively at Harrods from 7th January, and then will be available from Savoir Showrooms around the world later in the year.

The creation of the SEVENTY FIVE bed requires more than 150 hours of skilled craftmanship. It boasts a distinctive design upholstered with two contrasting fabrics, with a headboard and base dressed in a luxurious Kvadrat x Raf Simmons fabric, made using sustainably sourced wool engineered to compliment the sound quality and a fully recycled Kirkby Design fabric on the back.

Two KEF Ci3160REFM-THX speakers from KEF’s revered The Reference series are embedded within the curved headboard that envelopes the speaker in a truly immersive sound stage.

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