Ruinart x Silo: Savoir (Re)Faire Supper Series

2 July 2024

Ruinart x Silo: Savoir (Re)Faire Supper Series

Maison Ruinart and zero-waste restaurant Silo have partnered to showcase their adapted craftsmanship in response to the challenges of climate change through the Savoir (Re)Faire Supper Series – a monthly gastronomic experience inspired by the creation of Ruinart Blanc Singulier, champagne driven by the constraints imposed by an ever-changing world. The first supper of the series takes place 17 July and runs monthly until mid-November.

With a resolutely contemporary and future facing vision, Ruinart has transitioned from traditional savoir-faire to Savoir Re-Faire, (re)crafting new aromatic profiles of chardonnay and adapting winemaking practices for its new Blanc Singulier cuvée. Ruinart shares its taste for centuries-old savoir-faire and a passion for sustainable viticulture with Silo Founder Doug McMaster, who, through his commitment to sustainable gastronomy, has developed the Savoir (Re)Faire Supper Series.

The monthly supper menu will continually evolve, using produce affected by a rapidly changing climate that impacts the flavours and seasonality of what we eat and drink. Five courses will be thoughtfully paired with Ruinart cuvées, including Blanc Singulier Edition 19, Ruinart Rosé and Ruinart Blanc de Blancs. Through this curated tasting experience, guests will gain insight into the nuanced evolution of taste influenced by climate variations. The menu will completely express natural farming and closed-loop cooking, demonstrating quality within sustainability.

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