Richard Anderson Launches Silk Collection in Collaboration with Artist, Fran Anderson

26 March 2024

Richard Anderson Launches Silk Collection in Collaboration with Artist, Fran Anderson

This Spring, Savile Row tailor Richard Anderson proudly announces the launch of his latest silk collection
‘Fran’s’, in collaboration with artist Fran Anderson. The six-piece capsule collection represents a vibrant fusion of art and fashion, embodying the essence of everyday luxury. Art has always been a passion and source of inspiration for Richard Anderson, regularly investing in new artworks for the store at No.13 Savile Row and having combined the worlds of tailoring and art curating ‘The Art of Tailoring Exhibition’ many years ago. Fran’s Collection marks a particularly special milestone as Richard Anderson joins forces with his wife Fran, to create a one of a kind, limited edition silk.

“The design was developed during my time at art college when Ihad the opportunity to use a print studio where I had fun experimenting with colours and shapes. This particular artwork I remember making in 1987,” shares Fran Anderson, reflecting onthe inspiration behind the pattern. The design reminiscent of the organic innocence of natural forms, particularly Tiger Lilies, is brought to life in vibrant hues, showcasing Fran’s unique artistic perspective.

“As soon as I discovered the original artwork at home, I knew I wanted to bring it to life in the form of clothing.. Its lively colours and captivating shapes made it a great design for silk.” says Richard
Anderson. The result is a six-piece collection featuring nuances from Richard Anderson’s iconic house styles. The collection includes accessories such as a silk necktie with Richard Anderson’s signature wider
shape and 9cm blade, a silk scarf with a burgundy silk reverse and pin hem fringe and a classic pocket square hand rolled in England. Not forgetting the first of its kind to the brands accessory range, a double-faced twilly with a mint green reverse for a feminine, versatile edge

Wanting to experiment with other raw materials, Richard teamed with a bespoke leatherworker in Gloucestershire to create the vide poche. Designed with silver snap fastenings, they can be flattened when travelling or shaped to store cufflinks, keys and other daily essentials. Completing the collection is a statement unlined silk dressing gown available made to order, featuring a contrast black silk
facing and piping. The design and development process for the collection has been meticulous, from turning the artwork into a repeat print with traditional silk printers in Macclesfield to selecting the
trims, creating exclusive labels and working with bespoke leather workers. The result is a well-rounded collection of unisex sartorial accessories that celebrates Fran Anderson’s
art works.

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