KEF X Audio-Technica, Vinyl Lover Bundle

13 December 2023

KEF X Audio-Technica, Vinyl Lover Bundle

The Vinyl Lover’s Gift Set: brought to you by KEF and Audio-Technica, leaders in the field of audio, brought together by our mutual passion for the art of listening.

Blending KEF’s expertise in crafting high-end wireless speakers and Audio-Technica’s legacy in producing exceptional turntables, the Vinyl Lover’s Gift Set includes KEF’s LSX II Wireless HiFi Speakers with Audio-Technica’s LP3X-BT Turntable. The result? An immersively superior audio experience.

This partnered audio kit is ideal for vinyl newcomers and devoted crate diggers alike. With the convenience of switching between digital and analogue with ease, stream the latest albums on your favourite platform before investing in the warmth of lossless vinyl.

Thanks to its simple plug-and-play set-up and elegantly clean design, this complete Vinyl Lover’s Gift Set will complement any space in your home with ease – and without worrying about stacks of HiFi boxes.

AT-LP3XBT Turntable
AT-LP3XBT is a fully automatic turntable designed to deliver outstanding analogue sound with enhanced Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Bringing the clarity and warmth of analogue audio to the digital generation, this Bluetooth® turntable offers all the benefits of vinyl with the convenience of enhanced connectivity and perfectly pairs with LSX II.

  • Bluetooth® Wireless or Wired Listening
  • AT-VM95C Dual Magnet Phono Cartridge
  • Built-in Switchable Phono Pre-Amplifier
  • Plays 33⅓ and 45 RPM Records
    LSX II Wireless HiFi Speakers
    LSX II is an all-in-one wireless Hi-Fi speaker system, delivering a more balanced sound in higher resolution with all-inclusive connectivity.

With built-in support of streaming up to 24bit/384kHz and dedicated amplifiers inside each speaker, LSX II offers the highest quality sound in its size and makes high-fidelity sound accessible beyond true enthusiasts.

  • Uni-Q driver array for accurate, pristine sound
  • DSD, MQA and PCM up to 24bit/384kHz
  • Plays all major music services and supports all major audio formats
  • Supports USB-C, HDMI ARC, analogue input and subwoofer output.

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