From the Ultra-Rare Reserves of William Grant & Sons Comes the Highly Anticipated Ladyburn Edition Three

19 October 2023

From the Ultra-Rare Reserves of William Grant & Sons Comes the Highly Anticipated Ladyburn Edition Three

William Grant & Sons, one of the oldest independent family-owned whisky distilleries in the world, unveils Ladyburn Edition Three, completing the Ladyburn 1966 foundation triptych. Hidden from public eyes for nearly five decades, Edition Three brings to life a ‘lost-gem’ distillery through the work of era-defining design icon David Hicks while celebrating Ladyburn’s revolutionary role in Single Malt Whisky during this decade of cultural, social and technological change.

The Ladyburn distillery in Girvan, Ayrshire, was a marvel of industrial design when opened but only operated between 1966 and 1975, at which point it made a noble sacrifice to allow other distilleries in the Grant family to prosper. After its closure, it was dismantled forever, and no trace remains outside a very few precious casks maturing on the existing site.

To complete this highly coveted foundation triptych, Ladyburn Edition Three is a collaboration with the estate of pioneering interior designer David Hicks. His bold and disruptive designs perfectly embody the incredible creativity at the core of the Sixties. Each bottle in the release is paired with one of 11 evocative photographs of some of Hicks’s most iconic interiors. Personally selected by David’s son Ashley, he used Hicks’s iconic patterns in harmonising colours to complement each image. The bold scarlet frame surrounding each composite visual provides a signature golden thread across the collection.

The Ladyburn Edition Three / David Hicks release is strictly limited to 210 hand numbered bottles. The 11th ‘black swan’ bottle, featuring Hicks and his wife Lady Pamela ‘Dressed for Dinner’ with the iconic red door frame, is only available as part of ten full collections. All the featured interiors are gone forever and only survive in David’s prized scrapbooks.

The Ladyburn 1966 foundation triptych celebrates true hidden gems, uncovering unseen wonders of the 1960s. Partnering with three trailblazing creatives from this famed decade, each edition of Ladyburn is adorned with striking images that capture the mood and spirit of the Sixties. The Ladyburn Edition One collaboration with David Bailey was released in 2021, and Ladyburn Edition Two collaboration with Norman Parkinson was released in 2022.

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