Exploring the Wilderness with WILDMOOR

19 April 2024

Exploring the Wilderness with WILDMOOR

The exploration of nature is at the heart of WILDMOOR, a dynamic high-aged, rare blended Scotch whisky from William Grant & Sons. Inspired by the dramatic landscapes of contemporary Scotland and the flavours of the country’s wild elements, WILDMOOR is trailblazing its own path within the whisky category. WILDMOOR is more than an extraordinary collection of dynamic liquids. Through a series of experiences that fuel curiosity and excitement, WILDMOOR encourages those with an adventurous spirit to embark on a sensory exploration of the wild.

In an era where individuals seek refuge in the great outdoors, WILDMOOR provides unique
and authentic experiences that embrace nature. WILDMOOR is a call to adventure,
prompting enthusiasts to reconnect with the wilderness and share stories over food and
WILDMOOR around an open fire.

Humans are the only creatures that explore for the sake of exploring. Understanding the
thrill of discovery in all forms is at the core of the WILDMOOR lifestyle and WILDMOOR’s Adventurer Ambassador, Aldo Kane. A renowned Scottish explorer, he embodies WILDMOOR’s passion and commitment to reconnecting people with nature. “I am driven by an urge for adventure and a desire to share the world’s most unique, extreme, and remote locations. I am curious and always have been”, commented Aldo Kane. “I have travelled the world for over 30 years, and I can honestly say that time spent in nature with friends and a taste of whisky next to a fire is unbeatable. WILDMOOR is inspired by the epic landscapes of Scotland, and every time I taste it, I feel a deep connection to my homeland”.

To seamlessly blend experiences, nature, travel, and exceptional whisky, WILDMOOR has
partnered with Black Tomato, the award-winning creators of unique and perfectly tailored
adventures. Black Tomato is spearheading the way in which we explore the world through
thought provoking itineraries.

Together, they are offering a series of WILDMOOR inspired wild escapes, transformational
journeys across Scotland from the contemporary to the wild. The bespoke itineraries
provide an opportunity for guests to witness the breathtakingly untamed landscapes of
Scotland, where this remarkable collection of whiskies is crafted. Guests will be guided
through ancient moorlands and rugged coastlines, hike unspoiled mountain ranges and
dive into the calm waters of imposing lochs. Tom Marchant, Co-Founder of Black Tomato said “With the emergence of travel trends such as frontier tourism and escaping the urban sprawl, more people are looking to reconnect with nature than ever before. Not only does the experience from WILDMOOR
highlight this movement, but it challenges perceptions about what true luxury means in
the modern day.”

Marrying the realms of gastronomy and the great outdoors, WILDMOOR is partnering with
wild chef William Hamer, an open flame expert committed to connecting food, fire and
nature. Scotland based, William has worked with some of the most celebrated chefs and
Michelin-starred restaurants, but his personal passion lies in cooking by fire. He has
travelled the world mastering the art of open flame cooking, which is a crucial part of his
culinary ethos.

William celebrates the elemental flavours synonymous with WILDMOOR and redefines the
connection with nature through his own contemporary lens. William has created a series of
wild dining occasions and dishes that convey the story of WILDMOOR. “My cooking delves
into a profound connection with the Scottish landscape, driven by my firm belief in the
significance of sourcing local produce”, said William Hamer. “By sourcing ingredients from
the surrounding area, I aim to showcase the richness and diversity of Scottish ingredients.
Cooking with fire imparts a unique flavour to the dishes and creates an immersive
experience, directly connecting my guests to the land. Through fire, guests taste the
essence of the Scottish landscape, fostering a deeper appreciation for the local
environment and all it has to offer.”


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