Evelyn & Bobbie Appoints ANM Group

11 January 2024

Evelyn & Bobbie Appoints ANM Group

ANM Comms has been appointed to represent Evelyn & Bobbie, a US-based bra technology brand, to launch in the UK and lead their PR and communications in the market. Founded in 2018 by Bree McKeen, Evelyn & Bobbie offers innovative wirefree bra designs with EB CoreTM patented technology to lift, hold and provide comfort – up to a K cup.

What set’s the brand apart from others is the technology, the patented 3-D EB CoreTM technology offers a 360-degree hold and helps redistribute weight from the shoulder muscles to the core muscles. The innovative designs are based on the idea of biomimicry and the EB Core™ patented technology, lifts and supports like no other wireless bra you’ve ever tried before. Bree’s revolutionary new bra concept represents this union by using 3D-fit technology to produce a truly unique, beautiful and functional made to measure bra.

Evelyn & Bobbie launched in the USA in 2018, and by 2019 the Defy Bra and Cami products sold out within months of launching. In 2020, the brand had 100 stores and owned a full patent portfolio of six fully issued US utility patents. (only 12% of patents are granted to women and Bree has 6 off them).

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