Dom Perignon X Sarabande Foundation Celebrates ‘A Night of Creative Work’

19 October 2023

Dom Perignon X Sarabande Foundation Celebrates ‘A Night of Creative Work’

On Monday 11 September 2023, Dom Pérignon x Sarabande Foundation celebrated the second year of their partnership with A Night of Creative Work’, providing a platform for the Sarabande artists to display the abundant fruits of creative labour and process, attended by those at the forefront of film, fashion and art.

Dom Pérignon’s second year of support provides commissions to Sarabande artists, nurturing the next generation of creatives by funding their particular visions and shining a light on the importance of creative work in process.

Dom Pérignon, the House that sees champagne as an act of creation, and Sarabande, the Foundation that supports creative and visionary talent, share a belief that creative minds should be given the potential to push boundaries.

Special guests, including foundation supporters Sam Taylor Johnson OBE, Russell Tovey, Bianca Saunders, Giles Deacon, Maria Balshaw OBE, Ruth Hogben, Jake Chapman, Katie England, Bobbie Gillespie and Serena Rees, were hosted in a private dining room at creative arts destination Mount St. Restaurant in Mayfair for an inspirational dining experience, peppered with live artistic interventions.

The menu featured ‘Stepney smoked trout’ paired with Dom Pérignon Vintage 2013; ‘West Country lamb loin, braised shoulder & broccoli puree’ paired with Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2009; and ‘Egg custard tart, grapefruit sorbet’ paired with Dom Pérignon Plénitude 2 2004.

Dom Pérignon’s A Night of Creative Work’ commissions set no strict boundaries allowing the Sarabande artists to craft works that showcased their own creative process and particular approach.  Artists Robert CooperRosie Gibbens and Taryn O’Reilly delighted guests through a journey of bespoke installations and performance. The tablescape porcelain candelabras produced by Taryn O’Reilly centred around the tropes of women and queerness in modern-day media. The table top by Robert Cooper was filled with drawings and paintings – some of it drawn live for the guests as they arrived – sitting between figurative and abstract expressionism.  A live performance by Rosie Gibbens explored absurdity when thinking about labour, gender performativity, consumer desire and the slippery overlaps between them.

What is work in the creative process? What does it look and feel like? Making Dom Pérignon is an act of creation renewed with each Vintage by its Cellar Master Vincent Chaperon. His creative process resonates with the Sarabande artists, as both approach their art as a form of work. Beyond the flash of inspiration, there is labour, dedication and craft. It is work, but it is exceptional and passionate work that lifts us upwards to the sublime.

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