Eight Lands: Award-winning Organic Vodka and Gin from a dedicated distillery in Speyside, Scotland: home of the world’s most revered spirits

Eight Lands is a multi-award-winning vodka and gin, made with only organic ingredients and Scottish spring water, and distilled and bottled at the family-owned Glenrinnes Distillery in Speyside.  The area, renowned for its pristine Scottish spring water, is home to famous single malt distilleries such as Macallan, Balvenie and Glenfarclas, and considered to be the world’s leading region for luxury spirit production, all rooted in the rich, natural landscape.

  • Eight Lands Organic Vodka: an exceptionally smooth and characterful vodka created using an unusual two-stage fermentation process. Gluten-free, vegan and free from additives.
  • Eight Lands Organic Gin: a London Dry-style gin which is complemented by locally foraged botanicals. Gluten-free, vegan and free from additives.

It is the estate on which the vodka and gin are crafted and distilled that drives Eight Lands’ organic ethos and provides the pristine water on which these first-class spirits are built. Speyside’s focal point is the Ben Rinnes mountain and Eight Lands takes its name from the stunning vista of eight different counties which are visible from the top of this iconic mountain on a clear day.

Founded by the father and stepson team of Alasdair Locke and Alex Christou, and launched in June 2019, Eight Lands was established with the aim of creating a peerless vodka and the perfect London Dry gin. To achieve this, 15 vodka recipes and 15 gin recipes were assessed by industry professionals, bartenders and the Founders’ family and friends over the course of 12 months. It was only when the final recipes were chosen that the designs for the distillery were completed, ensuring that everything was truly fit-for-purpose. Today, every batch is still signed-off by Alex prior to bottling.

“I genuinely believe that we have created something special with our vodka and gin, which are made from only organic ingredients and Scottish spring water. This commitment to high quality ingredients and processes directly contributes to the quality of our liquid. In turn, this enables us to offer a superior vodka and gin to our customers.” says Alex Christou, Co-Founder of Eight Lands.

With a deep respect and enjoyment of the exceptional spirits produced locally, in 2015, Alex started investigating the possibility of adding to Speyside’s legacy as the leading region for luxury spirits production with a new distillery; one not for single malt Scotch whisky but deliberately designed for vodka and gin. Drawing on the vast local expertise and the region’s world-famous water, this pursuit of quality and authenticity led to the creation of Eight Lands and the construction of its home, the 5,400 sq/ft Glenrinnes Distillery, which opened in 2019.

Despite being rooted in Speyside, Eight Lands vodka and gin are served at an increasing number of the best bars and restaurants in the UK, Japan, Macau, British Columbia, New York and California. “We set out to make vodka and gin of undisputed quality, really thinking about what we wanted to drink first and foremost,” continues Alex. “Today I am incredibly proud to take Eight Lands to new countries and cities as we know that many people are excited to discover a vodka and gin which tastes better and has greater provenance than the established super-premium spirits brands.”

Eight Lands Organic Vodka – 42% ABV, RRP £39:

Distilled with patience, passion and precision using organic barley and wheat, Eight Lands Organic Vodka is as clear as the pristine spring water used to make it. The process involves a two-stage fermentation process, and a combination of pot still and two ten-plate columns.  The method is unusual and time-consuming, creating a vodka with genuine character.

On the nose: Well-rounded marzipan and vanilla pods.

On the palate:  Quality grain, leading into butterscotch and coconut.

On the finish: Long and smooth with a hint of spice on the palate.

Eight Lands Organic Gin – 46% ABV, RRP £39:

Made with organic ingredients and pristine spring water, Eight Lands Organic Gin is distilled in a 1,000-litre pot still and one of the distillery’s rectifying columns. Through maceration and vapour infusion, eleven botanicals give this London Dry gin its unique flavour, including wood sorrel and cowberries which grow wild on the Glenrinnes Estate.

On the nose: Big juniper, backed up by fresh pine and citrus.

On the palate: Sweet juniper balanced with tart red berries and citrus.

On the finish: Hints of black tea and warm spice.


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