“THE ICONS” Veuve Clicquot Launches A Reinvention Of It’s Most Iconic Collection Of Objects

London, October 2022: This Christmas season Veuve Clicquot is back with not one, but four iconic gift offerings in celebration of the House’s prevailing love of beautiful objects. “THE ICONS,” is a quartet of the House’s most emblematic products, re-edited sustainably, each telling a part of Veuve Clicquot’s unique story.

Based on the House belief that highly functional packaging can be transformed into a unique, desirable object, these new products pay tribute to Veuve Clicquot’s love for the beautiful and functional, seen through a sustainable lens. There is a design for every champagne lover; the Clicquot Ice Jacket, in collaboration with Central St Martins, the Clicquot Ice Box, the Clicquot Fridge reimagined by SMEG and the Clicquot Arrow. The collection, like all Veuve Clicquot products moving forward, has been designed to last and is now plastic free, 100% recyclable, with greenhouse gas emissions way inferior to the previous editions (re-edition of the Clicquot Ice Jacket accounts for – 96% GHG), in alignment with Veuve Clicquot’s commitments to reduce their emissions by 50% before 2030.

“THE ICONS” capitalise on Veuve Clicquot’s ability to continually reinvent itself, to radiate across the world, and to open
new pathways by forging unexpected partnerships. This collection is all about evolving, progressing, and reflecting,
drawing inspiration from an historic heritage for a modern and contemporary vision.” explains Carole Bildé, Chief
Marketing and Communications Officer.

The Clicquot Ice Jacket

In collaboration with Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London Launched in 2004, the “Ice Jacket” embodied the perfect balance between design, innovation, and haute couture. Inspired by diver’s wetsuits, it is a functional and fashionable pouch that keeps your champagne chilled, wherever, whenever! The new version has now been redesigned to maintain its isotherm dimension, without any use of Neoprene material, and is now composed of 100% recycled plastic. For this project, the House collaborated with the world-renowned Central Saint Martins college of art and design, where young talents of tomorrow approached this co-creation through the prism of eco-design. After submerging themselves in the brand’s 250-year history, these Product Design graduates put their own spin on our iconic Ice jacket. “Reinventing an iconic object of the Veuve Clicquot champagne house was an incredibly rewarding experience, as we share the same passion for a new kind of beauty. Ecological awareness had to be at the heart of our creative process, while expressing our artistic freedom to design a contemporary and elegant object,” is how the graduates involved in the project expressed it in a collective statement. Winning designer Debbie Petrou applied a revolutionary high-tech process from the fashion industry: “3D knitting,” through a digital,three-dimensional pattern that is realised in a single “print.” This method limits excess material because only the necessary fabric is used, saving on average 30% less material than regular production. Keeping champagne chilled for up to 60 minutes, this new Ice Jacket has been designed to last and be reused. It is circular but also recyclable as a textile. Available in Yellow Label – it can be personalised with a name or a cheerful message.

The Clicquot Ice Box

Created in 2000, the Clicquot Ice Box was selected as one of the 100 iconic objects to represent French design internationally by the French government-supported association VIA (Valorization of Innovation in Furnishing). Embodying the creative spirit of Veuve Clicquot and its ability to “think outside the box,” the Clicquot Ice Box invites a new type of consumption: nomad, relaxed, and democratised. Inspired by Japanese origami, the Clicquot Ice Box opens like a flower, metamorphosing from a presentation box into an ice bucket, and pioneering a second life for packaging. It is made from FSCcertified cardboard with an inner, waterproof layer composed of 70% recycled materials, and is reusable up to 10 times. This makes it not only a beautiful object but the most sustainable ice bucket in history… just add ice and enjoy the surprise! Although the best way of recycling is reusing it, the entire Ice Box is also recyclable.

The Clicquot Fridge

A mini-fridge redesigned in collaboration with SMEG The Veuve Clicquot Fridge is an audacious chill box inspired by the refrigerators of the 1950s. In Veuve Clicquot’s iconic, solaire yellow, and rosé pink, it embodies the House’s creative spirit and its ability to reinvent everyday objects, transforming them into objects of desire. Re-edited in collaboration with the pioneering industrial designer SMEG, the Clicquot Fridge is now plastic-free and constructed in recyclable tin, with a removable wedge made from 100% sugarcane waste so that it can be upcycled as a designer box. The Clicquot Fridge keeps any bottle chilled for up to two hours and is infinitely recyclable. For this occasion, Veuve Clicquot worked with SMEG to create collectors-edition refrigerators, perfect to chill Veuve Clicquot bottles at home. Adorned in Clicquot yellow, they come in two sizes: SMEG’s iconic models FAB28 (153cm tall) and FAB10 (97cm tall).

The Clicquot Arrow

An instant classic when it was launched in 2016, the Veuve Clicquot Arrow continues to capture hearts and imaginations everywhere. At first glance, it’s a sign pointing to an evocative destination. Soon we discover its secret: the equally iconic bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label inside. As a quirky, artistic object, it stands alone. Desired by many, it is always cherished by the few who manage to obtain one, especially when it is customised with their very own destination. Made from tin plate (one of the most recyclable material), the new version of the Clicquot Arrow now has 30% recycled material as well as a removable wedge made from 100% sugarcane waste so that it can be upcycled as a keepsake box. Like a real road sign, every box indicates the number of kilometres from your special place to Reims, France, and the cellars of Veuve Clicquot!

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