Janet Jackson, Moses Boyd and Roísin Murphy Attend ‘Seeing Sound, Hearing Krug’ Orchestral Preview Performance Composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto at Alexandra Palace

On Wednesday 19 October, Krug celebrated the composer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s tribute to the House of Krug with a unique live 36 musician orchestral symphony translating three wine expressions from one single year, 2008 – Krug Clos du Mesnil 2008, Krug 2008, and Krug Grande Cuvée 164ème Édition – into music.

To mark the momentous occasion, the centuries-old Champagne House hosted ‘Seeing Sound, Hearing Krug’ – a night of synaesthesia at Alexandra Palace in London with a three-part symphony inspired by the creations of the year, opening new gateways to the senses.

Those to experience the performance of ‘Suite for Krug in 2008’ were a maverick group of Krug lovers, musicians, and creators including Janet Jackson, Moses Boyd, Roísin Murphy, Katy England, and Bobby Gillespie among others, who joined Krug for a performance, tasting, and dinner – a sensorial trifecta.

An unprecedented expression of the sensation of taste through sound, ‘Suite for Krug in 2008’ is a three-movement symphony composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto – a celebrated artist, composer, musician, and a long-time Krug Lover – inspired by the unforgettable 2008 harvest in Champagne.

“To translate into sound the most generous expression of Champagne, I was on a quest for harmony, intensity, and generosity from multiple sounds, both instrumental and electronic,” says Sakamoto. “The fullness of Krug Grande Cuvée means that everyone finds something in it that strikes them in a personal way. Each listener will take away something different.”

In addition to being accessible via and streaming platforms, ‘Suite for Krug’ in 2008 is the foundation of an immersive Seeing Sound, Hearing Krug music and dining consumer experience on Wednesday 23 November. Tickets priced at £295 coming soon to

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