Tomás Saraceno creates the Permanent Installation, Movement with Aerocene for Ruinart, Highlighting the Urgency of the Climate Challenges we face

Born from collective concern about the impact of climate change, the permanent installation Movement created by Tomás Saraceno with Aerocene for Ruinart highlights the urgency of the climate challenges we are facing, calling on us to free the air of fossil fuels. Offering a renewed poetic way to sense the air, the Argentine artist reminds us how essential it is to all species at a time when the earth’s ecosystem has become unbalanced due to the actions of humans. A one degree difference between the ambiant air and the air trapped inside the Aerocene is enough to set the inflatable aerosolar sculpture into flight. In the Champagne region, warming the climate by one degree disrupts the natural grape ripening process, a different visible marker of changing temperatures.

Lifted only by the air and sun and moved by the wind, this augmented reality Aeroglyphic sculpture will be formed by a site-specific trajectory made with the Aerocene Backpack. Movement builds momentum for expanding our environmental imaginaries, leaving a poetic trail in the sky above Maison Ruinart and its vineyard that visitors can see using the Aerocene App.

“The history of the Maison is rooted in the Age of Enlightenment during which we were founded. Our passion for culture is not new. We believe that art has the power to connect people and make the world better, more sensitive and more intelligent.” Frédéric Dufour, President of Maison Ruinart.



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