NIO Cocktails invites you to OPEN.POUR.EXPLORE the wonderful adventures of Patrick Pistolesi across Japan with the exclusive Postcards from Japan cocktail collection

NIO Cocktails, an Italian start-up at the forefront of the premium ready to savour cocktails movement, is taking a new approach to the world of cocktails as we know it. Assuming the role of our cultural tour guide, they are now offering immersive experiences into remote locations across the world through the lens of cutting-edge mixology.

Postcards from Japan is an iconic cocktail collection paying homage to the craftsmanship, tradition and creativity that Japan is renowned for, as well as a brand journey through exquisite flavours and storytelling. From the tropical shores of Okinawa to the snowy peaks of Hokkaido, through the luscious greenery of Honshu Island, NIO Cocktails has created four exclusive cocktails inspired by different locations across the Land of the Rising Sun.

Patrick Pistolesi, one of the world’s most eminent bartenders, has been instrumental in expanding Italian cocktail culture around the world. He set out on this journey across Japan to discover traditional distilleries, and was so inspired by each of them that he penned these four recipes as a way of immortalising his memories on his return to Italy. Through his creations, NIO Cocktails intends to capture the essence of Japan and offer its consumers real, authentic postcards from around the world, in which Patrick recounts the
wonders he found along the way.

The Postcards From Japan collection is an exploration into quintessential Japanese flavours, using artisanal local products that form the cornerstone of mixology: vodka, rum, gin, and whisky.

Crafted with Japanese tomato liqueur, Hokkaido Glory boasts a luscious, full-bodied flavour with plenty of character. The star ingredient is Eiko Vodka: crystal clear with an unparalleled purity of flavour, the clean, fresh finish of Eiko blends seamlessly with Sicilian citrus and a hint of spice to create an elegant, moreish cocktail.

“When I’m travelling I love nothing more than trying something new. That’s how I discovered something amazing: Japanese vodka! The next day, I just had to visit the Eiko Distillery in Asahikawa, where Eiko Vodka is made.

Eiko means “glory” in Japanese – it’s a word that evokes Japan’s rich history and legends of the Samurai warriors, soldiers who went above and beyond to protect their masters. Eiko Vodka is crafted from rich molasses and distilled using Hokkaido’s crystalline spring water. Then, using an artisanal technique which is unique to Japan, the vodka is filtered through white birch and charcoal to achieve a distinctively pure, clean taste. I can’t wait to see you and share this new cocktail with you, but I never want to leave Japan! This has been the most incredible experience.” Says Patrick Pistolesi.


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