Introducing The XOR Titanium Handset

XOR, the English communications company, is delighted to announce its first premium feature handsets, XOR TITANIUM, available from 18 January 2021. XOR has developed a mobile phone that is as dependable as it is elegant. The handset uses hardware encryption to protect your calls and messages, an air quality sensor to alert you to potential harm and a battery life measured in days not hours. Made in England, the handset effortlessly combines life-enhancing and reliable security technology with a sophisticated and robust design.

The XOR team has produced a modern handset designed with the user at its heart. Created specifically for those who appreciate design, quality, craft and exclusivity, an XOR mobile phone delivers it all.

Whether protecting your business or your family, XOR allows you to create a personal network of communications protected from all potential intruders. With an XOR in your hand, you will always be secure and self-assured. It is Safe by Design.

XOR was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs who all recognised the need for a beautiful phone that offered unbreakable protection. They assembled a unique team of experts in their fields, including designers, engineers, technicians, craftsmen, audio and material specialists to make their vision a reality.

XOR TITANIUM embodies the brand’s design philosophy of organic geometry. The design team were passionate about creating an object that was as ergonomic as it was stylish and strong.

The fluid surfaces create edges at their intersections that define the form. This organic movement is captured in the titanium sides of the phone. The lower half is deliberately sculpted to the palm enabling the natural folding over of the fingers. The upper half transitions to a concave form that makes a natural home for the thumb and index finger, guiding them to the protected keys. This edition takes its name from one of the key materials used in its construction: titanium.

“For me, design and engineering are two sides of the same coin,” explained Hutch Hutchison, XOR Co-Owner and Designer. “A product is only truly right when form and function are in harmony with each other. It’s what I like to think of as engineering art.”

XOR handsets are designed and hand built in England. Using only the finest materials to produce a lightweight, strong and dependable phone. The phone exudes mystery and commands interest, there is no brand name anywhere except for XOR’s intriguing shield logo.

The first XOR collection consists of four variants: TITANIUM Classic, TITANIUM Ebony, TITANIUM Rose and TITANIUM Marine.

TITANIUM Ebony is made using Black PVD; a finishing process conducted in a high-tech vacuum chamber. Used in the watch industry, PVD bonds metal compounds to the base metal creating a far higher resistance to wear than traditional electroplating and a flawless look providing a long lasting, high quality finish. The shield mark is dark to blend seamlessly with the refined, black leather. This elevates the users’ sense of sophistication and mystery.

• Hypoallergenic Metal Alloy: The phone is encased in titanium which is as strong as steel but weighs only half as much. Forged in soaring temperatures but engineered to precision, it is widely used in the aerospace industries.
• Sapphire Crystal Screen: Polished to perfection, it can only be cut with diamond-tipped tools resulting in a virtually scratch-proof screen.
• Ceramic: Known for its incredible strength and polished elegance, XOR uses high tech ceramic similar to that used in spacecraft. It is known for its incredible scratch resistance and unique thermal characteristics.
• Leather: Supple, perfectly smooth and blemish-free leather encases the back of each handset. Each piece of high-quality leather is painstakingly checked to ensure that the grain is consistent and of premium quality.

XOR believe that protecting your wellbeing is as important as safeguarding your data. Every XOR handset has been enhanced with an indoor air quality sensor, to inform you of any pollutants in the air you are breathing. Marked by a leaf icon on the home screen; green signifies safe, yellow denotes alarming while red is unhealthy.

Each XOR handset is hardware encrypted to protect your personal data. Hardware encryption is more effective than software encryption because it is direct, phone to phone, no servers are involved, therefore no keys can be discovered. Two or more XOR users can exchange calls and messages using end-to-end encryption through a unique contact system and a series of secure one-time passwords. XOR use Advanced Encryption System (AES) algorithm: AES 256. In order to access your personal information, a hacker would need to try 2256 different combinations to find the right one or a brute force attack of 5.4 billion years.

Conversations and data content are safeguarded with the ability to delete data via a remote secret key created during the handset’s initial set-up. This protects the user and gives them complete control of their data if the phone is lost or stolen.

The unique ringtone was created by British multi award-winning recording artist, composer and producer Mark Sayfritz. The XOR ringtone is akin to a movie soundtrack with its atmospheric quality. More importantly, the same original composition is played in a non-encrypted (piano) and encrypted (synthesiser) way to differentiate the type of call you are receiving.

The XOR TITANIUM handset comes with active noise cancellation technology to remove the background noise. Sounds picked up are filtered out, while the call volume is automatically adjusted based on surrounding noise levels, creating a better quality call for the user.

Each XOR handset is equipped with a receiver to allow wireless charging. Place the handset on top of any universal wireless charging pad for more convenient charging.

The unique user interface is clear and easy to navigate. The home screen’s analogue clock face features the shield logo. It is a subtle reminder that you are constantly under protection 24/7.

The XOR TITANIUM range starts from £3,000 and are available to order direct from the XOR website – – from 18 January 2021.

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