Pullman Hotels Proudly Present the Pullman Art Run

Pullman, the inspiring and forward-thinking group of hotels, have collaborated with London’s most popular all-night art event, Art Night, to launch Pullman Art Run, which invites guests to explore two of the UK’s most exciting cities; through the lense of art discovery.

In collaboration with Art Night, Pullman London St Pancras and Pullman Liverpool will each offer an invigorating five km run route, carefully designed to reveal a captivating selection of the neighbourhood’s finest works, from street-art and iconic statues to augmented reality and bright and beautiful contemporary sculpture. Complimenting this, guests will enjoy a bespoke music playlist and informative audio podcast recording from two influential figures from the art world. These tracks will provide absorbing context to these extraordinary pieces of art.

Inspired by and reminiscent of the audio headphone tours museum and gallery guests would enjoy, each podcast recording track on the Pullman Art Run playlist aligns with one of the ten artworks included within the two routes, with the hosts, Fatoş Üstek and Katy Hessel offering new and surprising insights for every piece.

The Pullman London St Pancras Art Run is hosted by esteemed art-historian and founder of ‘The Great Women Artists’, podcast, Katy Hessel, who provides thought-provoking perceptions on works including, Semaphores by Amalia Pica and My World and Your World by Eva Rothschild.
The London route launched in conjunction with Freize on 7th October.

Pullman Liverpool is thrilled to welcome, Artistic Director of Liverpool Biennial, Fatoş Üstek as the expert host of its Pullman Art Run, who offers unrivalled thinking on works including Everybody Razzle Dazzle by Sir Peter Blake and Liverpool Mountain by Ugo Rondinone.
The Liverpool route has launched in the hotel and is ready to be enjoyed.

James Wheatcroft, a spokesperson for Pullman, says; “Pullman guests are hyper-connected and instinctively inquisitive. They are driven to be creative and to push boundaries. With this in mind Pullman Art Run is the perfect opportunity for guests to stimulate their body and mind by embarking on an energizing experience, exploring the wonders of two of the UK’s most culturally exciting cities.”

Philippine Nguyen, Co-founder and Director of Art Night, said: “Its been a real pleasure returning to a previous Art Night stomping ground – King’s Cross – to celebrate its public art scene. Working together with Pullman Hotels to present this running trail has been really special, especially as I started running myself to keep fit in lockdown. We look forward to seeing runners enjoying art outdoors. A huge thank you to Fatoş Üstek from Liverpool Biennial and Katy Hessel from The Great Women Artists for lending their time and voices to this project.”

Participating guests will receive a limited edition art map of the running route depicting the locations of each work. The reverse side of the maps will feature a special art-work from the Kings Cross and Liverpool Biennial archives, with a graphic illustration of Kings Cross by Pete Murgatroyd on the London version and a special art sketch by Betty Woodman for Liverpool’s route. Digital copies are downloadable from

To enjoy the full Pullman Art Run experience visitors are invited to book themselves a stylish yet relaxing stay at Pullman London St Pancras and Pullman Liverpool, both in the heart of exhilarating cities.

Virginia Woolf by Stephen Barkway at Tavistock Square
A bronze copy of the bust of Woolf sculpted by Stephen Tomlin in 1931 that sits in the National Portrait Gallery. On on a five-foot-high plinth of Portland stone designed by Stephen Barkway, this is the only 3-D representation of Woolf taken from life.

The giant “birdcage” in Battle Bridge Place is Jacques Rival’s artwork IFO (Identified Flying Object). The huge white installation stands 9m high, and the bars are wide enough for you to run through should you want to get some extra distance in! Whilst the IFO is mostly ‘earthbound’, on special occasions the eye-catching structure is hoisted up into the air to hang freely and light up the night sky.

Semaphores by Amalia Pica at Canal Square
‘Semaphores’ is a series of three sculptures by British-Argentinian artist Amalia Pica. In the artworks, Pica builds on her interest in communication. Semaphore is a code that was used in early telegraphy to send text-based messages across long distances in visual form. The rooftop sculptures are based on ‘Chappe Telegraphs’, an early and popular system of semaphore invented in France in 1792 by Claude Chappe. They use arm-like paddles to make signs that correspond to letters.

My World and Your World by Eva Rothschild at King’s Cross
My World and Your World is crafted from steel and stands at a colossal 16-metres tall. The sculpture descends from a single point, diverging into branches which sink into the ground. The shape is inspired by the natural world – it could be the branches of an inverted tree, a river basin, a lightning bolt. The entire artwork is painted in bold stripes using the artist’s distinctive palette of black, purple, pink, orange, green, and red. The stripes confuse the eye, seeming to split the solid structure into parts.

density by Koo Jeong at [LOCATION] Augmented Reality (download Acute Art app)
An incredible augmented reality artwork viewed through the lens of ‘Acute Art’ app. Each individual work started with pen drawings taken from her artist’s book Nomos Alpha (2018). Working with Acute Art, Jeong A’s sketch of density was rendered in 3D, which, using environmental mapping, reflects and refracts the surroundings of wherever it is placed: from a bustling city to the quiet depths of a garden.

The Hummingbird Clock by Lawrence Abu Hamdan at Derby Square
Abu Hamdan’s Hummingbird Clock is a new kind of public timepiece commissioned by Liverpool Biennial in 2016, and is located both online and physically, outside the law courts in Liverpool. It is designed as a tool for investigations into civil and human rights violations and state corruption. Hummingbird Clock records the continual buzz of the electrical grid, making this data available to anyone who might need it.

Tidal Shame by Gail Dooley on the Liverpool Plinth
The artwork depicts a ceramic gannet, a seabird common in Liverpool, entangled by authentic sea plastic and detritus collected on beach shores across the UK and Merseyside. This piece was commissioned by Liverpool BID company in collaboration with multiple partners. The sculpture stands on The Liverpool Plinth, looking out to the UNESCO World Heritage Waterfront, reminding viewers of the impact of waste on wildlife, especially sea birds.

Everybody Razzle Dazzle by Sir Peter Blake can be seen on the water
Sir Peter’s design covers the Mersey Ferry Snowdrop with a distinctive pattern in monochrome and colour, transforming the vessel into a moving artwork as it continues its service. This is the third in the series and was commissioned by Liverpool Biennial (2015), 14-18 NOW: WW1 Centenary Art Commissions and Tate Liverpool in partnership with Merseytravel and National Museums Liverpool.

Liverpool Fountain by Betty Woodman found next to George’s Dock Ventilation Tower
Woodman’s commission for Liverpool Biennial 2016 is a large-scale public artwork, a bronze fountain, which refers to classical imagery and architectural decoration. Souces of inspiration for the piece include Greek and Etruscan sculpture, Minoan and Egyptian art, Italian Baroque architecture and the paintings of Bonnard, Picasso and Matisse.

Liverpool Mountain by Ugo Rondinone situated on Liverpool’s historic waterfront
Liverpool Mountain by internationally renowned artist Ugo Rondinone is a major new public artwork for the city region, commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and Tate Liverpool. The 10-metre high sculpture consists of vertically-stacked rocks painted in bright fluorescent colours. Reminiscent both of ancient totems and of land art, Liverpool Mountain is inspired by naturally occurring hoodoos. The sculpture appears to defy gravity in its teetering formation, poised between the natural and the manmade.

Pullman Art Run launched in the hotels on 21 September 2020. Guests are invited to Pullman London St Pancras’ and Pullman Liverpool where room rates start from £187. The rate is per night based on two adults sharing on a B&B basis.


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