The Last Drop launches ‘The Autumn Collection 2020’

The Last Drop Distillers, curators of the world’s most remarkable spirits, will introduce an Autumn Collection of rare, aged spirits for the first time.

The Autumn Collection 2020 will comprise three very limited releases: an aged 1980 Bourbon, a 43 year old Rum and a vintage Cognac from 1959. While each of these spirits has a unique character and different characteristics, they are united by their quality, rarity and charm.

The Last Drop seek out the world’s finest, rarest and most remarkable aged spirits to share with their discerning customers. Their philosophy is demanding but meritocratic: the quest is for the liquid – constantly seeking that elusive but exhilarating blend of age, character and vitality. In over a decade, their uncompromising standards have seen just 18 spirits released under The Last Drop name, chosen from their collection and from discoveries across the worlds of Scotch Whisky, Cognac and Bourbon, and now their first Rum.

The inaugural ‘Autumn Collection 2020’ will feature The Last Drop’s first Rum, something the self-proclaimed “Rare Spirits Hunters” have long sought, and comprises the following:

Release no 19: The 1980 Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey. 240 bottles worldwide
Release no 20: The 1976 “Overproof” Jamaica Rum. 183 bottles worldwide
Release no 21: The 1959 Vintage Grande Champagne Cognac. 21 bottles worldwide

The Autumn Collection 2020 features three exceptional spirits from the USA, the Caribbean and from the south west of France. A tiny parcel of old whiskey found in a corner of the oldest continually operating Bourbon distillery in the USA; a well-travelled barrel of rum from the island of Jamaica tracked down in a bonded warehouse on the Liverpool docks; and a single cask of vintage cognac matured for over 60 years and yielding only 21 bottles (after the Angels enjoyed their share?). Each of them has its own unique story, but they share the star qualities The Last Drop seeks.

Rebecca Jago, Managing Director of The Last Drop Distillers notes: “This is a very special autumn for us: it is an opportunity to showcase a trilogy of superb releases that demonstrate our unique cross category approach. We are particularly excited to present our first ever Rum: this is a spirit we have long hoped to find, but we have been disappointed until now. Each of these spirits is a small marvel of its kind, just waiting to be savoured by those seeking the truly remarkable. The pleasure of curation is in the sharing of the discovery, so we are delighted to be able to share these unique bottles from our collection.”


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