Oris’ limited-edition Hölstein chronograph is a birthday celebration

With its anniversary Hölstein limited-edition timepiece, Oris has introduced its own take on ‘inclusive luxury’ – a patina-yourself all-bronze watch with the proceeds from the sale of one going to the NHS.

On 1 June 1904, Paul Cattin and Georges Christian signed a contract in the Swiss village of Hölstein that began a story that would span many generations. The contract gave the two watchmakers permission to set up and run their own watch company. They named it after a local creek: Oris.

More than a century later, Oris and Hölstein have become synonymous with one another. The village and the surrounding Waldenburg Valley have shaped Oris’s philosophy, just as Oris has shaped the area and its identity.

Yesterday, Oris began a new chapter in the story, releasing the first in a series of limited-edition watches named in honour of this magical place.

The Oris Hölstein Edition 2020 celebrates the company’s roots and its proud association with the Swiss village of Hölstein.

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