David Shrigley is announced as Ruinart’s next artist

Every year, Maison Ruinart welcomes an internationally-celebrated contemporary artist in Reims to share his or her vision of the famous Maison, which will soon hit its tricentennial year. Following Liu Bolin (2018) and Vik Muniz (2019), in 2020 British artist David Shrigley applies his unique take on Maison Ruinart across an ensemble of 36 drawings and gouaches—as well as three neons, two ceramics and one door. This great British creative, whose work evokes an almost indolent vibe, is a caustic artist processing the contemporary world through incomparable irony.

Fixing his gaze upon the longstanding Maison, David Shrigley allows us to rediscover Ruinart with his quirky and uncompromising humour. His art shines a new light upon the vineyards, the heritage and the savoir-faire of the Maison. In Champagne, he roamed among the vines, explored the cellars, noted each expression and gesture. His works inquisitively examine the rituals and customs of those working in the field, as well as the œnologists and additional collaborators who bring Ruinart champagnes to life. With a sharp eye and great curiosity, he studied the well-kept secrets behind the creation of champagne.

“When making art on the subject of Champagne production: one must make several visits to the champagne region ; one must visit the crayères and the vine yards and the production facilities ; and one must ask questions of the people who work there and listen very carefully to what they say. And most importantly you must drink some champagne.” David Shrigley explained.

Through his drawings, neons and sculptures, David Shrigley offers up a journey that is at once welcoming and singular, provoking surprising conversations about nature and the wine-making process. In tandem, he makes us mindful of day-to-day environmental challenges, which Maison Ruinart is attentive to. Humor is, without a doubt, one of the best means for spreading awareness.

Reflecting this bold yet committed stance, his artistic reinterpretation is titled “Unconventional Bubbles (Bulles singulières). David Shrigley’s work will be unveiled in Paris in March 2020, and then exhibited at the 37 international contemporary art fairs that Maison Ruinart has officially partnered with in 2020.


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