Waterdrop® Launches NERO: A Microdrink Collection With Natural Caffeine And Nightlife Ambitions

Waterdrop®, the world´s first ‘microdrink’ designed to make the most of each glass of water and inspire the drinking of more water each and every day, enters new territory with the launch of its latest innovation – NERO.  Waterdrop®NERO is a new limited-edition compact cube Microdrink containing caffeine, cola nut, activated charcoal and guarana extract.

Designed to take you from the office into the rest of the night, NERO enriches water with natural plant extracts and caffeine to kick start the evening. The refreshing microdrink contains just as much caffeine (80 mg) as a conventional energy drink without any sugar.

Waterdrop® relies on local water resources (tap or filtered water), helping to massively reduce the carbon footprint of the beverage industry. The innovative Waterdrop® sleeve can be recycled and saves 97% plastic and tonnes of transport weight compared to conventionally bottled beverages. Just the closure of a traditional 0.5l plastic bottle has more plastic than 10 of Waterdrops totalling 2.7g. Not to mention the 10 bottles themselves (about 300 grams) and the 5-litre transport weight, which are currently being sent senselessly from continent to continent.

To complement the Waterdrop® NERO 12 packs, a range of accessories are also available including a stylish black NERO steel bottle with practical carrying belt, a black NERO carry kit and black NERO metal straws – so nothing stands in the way of any after-work adventures!

The new limited edition Waterdrop® NERO 12 pack is priced at £8.99. Additional Limited Edition Waterdrop® NERO accessories are available including 0.5l steel bottle at £34.90 and wooden carry kit at £19.90.

Now water can taste a little different and deliver more for the individual and for the environment.


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