Theo Fennell to unveil ‘Silver Masterworks’, an exhibition at the Theo Fennell Gallery this September

British master designer Theo Fennell, known throughout the world for its extraordinary spectrum of collections, one-offs, bespoke silverware and jewellery, is to unveil ‘Silver Masterworks’, an exhibition of its highly recognisable, quirky and superbly made British silverware at the Theo Fennell Gallery in London from Thursday 12 – Friday 20 September 2019.

A collection of silver pieces – tableware, homeware, objects, gifts, and trophies – will be exhibited throughout the Gallery. Theo Fennell classics, such as silver spirit bottle holders and marmite lids, will be displayed alongside quirky silver portrait bottle stoppers and cufflinks inspired by iconic personalities such as the Kray Twins, Gandhi and Victoria and Albert. Quirky and unique pieces such as the Apollo 11 Capsule Model, Balloon Chocolate Box, Shakespeare Candlesticks and Game Birds Chess Set will also be on show . Contemporary twists on traditional silver alms dishes and candle-sticks will see tip-toeing cherubs, Shakespearean characters and dripping wax motifs, alongside original trophies created for many famous events.

Theo is one of today’s top jewellery and silverware designers and these hand-crafted silver masterpieces have graced the most elegant tables, trophy cabinets and serious collections all over the world for over forty years. Theo Fennell’s unique silver designs are highly distinctive, inspired as they are by the most eclectic influences imaginable from Classical purity and Gothic excess, through the crisp Georgian zenith to high Victorian and minimalist, modernist work. The inspirations range from Vaudeville and Shakespeare, Pop Art and Byzantine mosaics to the High Renaissance and a library of literary allusions. But, made in the great London traditions by today’s finest silversmiths and craftsmen the results of this melting-pot of ideas is still quintessentially British.

Theo started his career working for the great silversmiths Edward Barnard and Sons originally founded in 1680 – and takes great pride in being involved in every phase himself with his multi-award-winning studio and workshop teams, some of whom have been with him nearly forty years. This attention to detail and familiarity means that the Theo Fennell vision is realised to the last detail.

“There is something wonderful about working with silver. It can deliver a modern legacy and allow you to share a story for today that resonates in the future, in the same way that silver has done for centuries. Commissioning silver work is one of life’s joys for our patrons and knowing you are interacting with great craftsmen in creating something that will last for generations gives them enormous satisfaction.’ comments Theo Fennell.

Open 12th – 20th September 2019


169 Fulham Road, SW3 6SP

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