Savoir introduces the new THE THREE SIXTY, the bed that has everything

THE THREE SIXTY takes the art of fine bed-making to undreamed of levels of comfort and luxury. A celebration of no holds barred luxury; THE THREE SIXTY showcases Savoir’s pursuit of the extraordinary, pushing the boundaries in form, movement and craft. The development of such a bed with the dedicated handcraft, level of thoughtful integrated technology and design aesthetic is rare. The minute detail and considered craft delivers the ultimate combination of comfort design and rotation.

Incorporating over 100 years’ experience of creating bespoke beds, Savoir’s design team have drawn upon every past project to develop THE THREE SIXTY. Carefully considering every small detail and line, from the size, shape, curve and height, taking their time to ensure the design harmoniously encompasses the world’s most luxurious bed set and discrete technology.

The smoothly curved exterior, upholstered in a beautifully soft leather contributes to the contemporary design. The flowing sphere of veneer with its gentle twist, encircles the Savoir N°1 creating a calming sense of symmetry. Savoir craftsmen use time honoured carpentry skills to ensure the veneer finish is to Savoir’s exacting standards. The carefully selected leather and smoky flawless grain of the Bird’s-Eye Maple can be specified to an endless level of choice.

The arched interior of THE THREE SIXTY exudes the power of cocooning, with the carefully applied tactile velvet. The exquisite Italian Dedar 100% cotton velvet is super-soft and irresistible to touch. The versatile colourway lends itself beautifully to the voluptuous cushioning which greets the sleeper on the interior. Celebrating a seductive ambience, the precision lines created by the curved and voluptuous ribs, provide a comforting sense of privacy. The considered fabric and textures complement the unique curved shape. The smooth flawless veneer flows in to the buttery leather, with the soothing velvet marrying the two textures. Tones and textures seamlessly flow.

THE THREE SIXTY discreetly features turntable technology to rotate 360 degrees, allowing the user to select their view from the comfort of the Savoir N°1 via an app. Perfectly poised reading lights, designed specifically for Savoir and THE THREE SIXTY, have been incorporated along with power and USB outlets. It is through the bespoke nature of a Savoir that allows such innovative concepts to be carefully and thoughtfully incorporated into a bed design, without interrupting the design aesthetic.

The entire crafting process of THE THREE SIXTY takes over 300 hours, during which 120 hours are dedicated to completing the N°1 bed set and 180 to craft the supporting frames and headboard. In the construction of the N°1, Savoir’s master craftsmen execute every element seamlessly, from the eight-way hand-cording of the springs within the round sprung base to the precision tufting and painstaking hand-slipping of the circular mattress. The minute detail and considered craft delivers the ultimate combination of balanced support and softness.

THE THREE SIXTY features an exclusive HKy topper made with the rare natural fibres of an indigenous species of Yak from the Khangai region of Mongolia. Four kilograms of Tengri noble yak fibres, hand-combed from 40 yaks, fill the luxurious topper. With only 100 grams of fibre available from each yak per year, the HKy topper defines exclusive luxury. The fibre, which is as soft as cashmere, has incredible natural properties: it is warmer than merino wool and naturally resistant to odours and water.

Savoir Managing Director, Alistair Hughes, commented, “THE THREE SIXTY takes the art of fine bed-making to undreamed-of levels of comfort and luxury. Formed around our N°1, the detail is pure perfection. Our craftsmen execute every element seamlessly, and every night you will feel the difference. We’ve worked with a selection of leading experts to ensure every element of THE THREE SIXTY is exquisite. From renowned leather artist Bill Amberg, to deliver the finest and straightest leather stitching, to the world’s leading creator of bespoke turntable technology to produce a movement that is exquisitely smooth and soundless.”

Skilfully created in the Savoir London Bedworks, this one of a kind design celebrates the essence of bespoke craft. Each Savoir bed is made in the traditional way, handcrafted by an in-house team of artisans. Through using labour intensive, time-honoured techniques, Savoir is able to make the world’s most extraordinary beds.

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