John Smedley Introduces Spring/Summer 2019 Collection: A Landscape of Dreams

Inspired by the rolling, wild and romantic British countryside, it’s hill tops, wistful marshlands and stretches of beaches spanning miles of coastline.

This season’s mood is wistful, think staring out at landscapes with the wind whipping in your hair, dreaming of futures not yet told, and sensuous moods of love with a colour palette of blush tones to symbolise the romantic nature of rolling countryside.

We have taken to heart the beautiful story of John Marsden-Smedley’s love for his late wife and her fondness for the beautiful Rhododendron flower, which inspired John to create Lea Gardens, which span over two acres of flowers closer to our home in Lea Mills, Derbyshire.

Here he collected over 350 varieties of the Rhododendron flower up until his death in 1959 at age of 92 in memory of his love for her.

Each season in their bloom, he was able to re-capture the loving memory of his late wife Gertrude, it is this romantic essence, alongside the wild countryside that we channel within the collections.

Partnering explorations of florals which are strong and botanical, garments feature sheer and flowing fabrics to replicate petals flowing in the wind.

The overall mood is pensive yet romantic, dreamy, wistful with wild botanicals, movements, tactility and togetherness all remaining key.


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