Introducing the Theo Fennell Lily Pond Cuff

This one-of-a-kind cuff was wonderfully crafted in Theo Fennell’s in-house workshop using yellow gold, a stunning black Opal and Diamonds.

Hunting down the most unique stones to incorporate in one-off pieces is an integral part of the Theo Fennell design aesthetic and Opals have become a new focus:

“Our new obsession with Opals has given us the huge joy of exploring the very best of these beguiling stones. Australian Opals from the arid, searing hot Outback, Ethiopian stones from a plateau 10,000 feet above the world and Fire Opals from the sweltering plains of Mexico. Each has its own unique, bewitching character; from the merest milky whisper to an explosive mayhem of colour. Their fire and coloration needs to be celebrated and now quenched.

They range from dark, cosmic black stones that appear to have been drawn from the far-flung recesses of the Universe, to the fieriest of orange and red stones that seem to have been spat from the molten depths of the Earth. Such a palette is a wondrous thing for a designer, but the flights of fancy these stones really deserve are not for the faint-hearted,” muses Theo Fennell.

This unique bangle will delight for generations.

18ct Yellow Gold, 22.91ct Black Opal & 2.13ct Diamond Lily Pond Hinged Cuff Bangle – Price on application.


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