Theo Fennell – Jewellery & Silverware Imbued with emotion & storytelling

In taking back the reins of his eponymous company, Theo Fennell has firmly returned to the ethos of what he set out to achieve in 1982 when he set up his studio and workshops in Chelsea: to create jewellery and silverware that is imbued with emotion and storytelling achieved through imaginative, unusual design and amazing craftsmanship.

“It is the marriage of design and craftsmanship with beautiful and rare materials that gives romance and prominence to proper jewellery and silver,” says Fennell. “I believe jewellery should really mean something and not just be a statement of wealth or fashion.”

While Theo Fennell’s jewels are crafted using traditional materials, they are anything but conventional. There is a dialogue and story behind every piece, as he incorporates quirky, beautifully detailed design with classical and romantic tradition, meaning that every piece is distinctive and inspirational, with a healthy dose of British wit.

His passion for invention, craftsmanship and originality remain at the heart of the business. Theo Fennell is about more than just jewellery and silver; it is about adding a personal touch, whether that means including an inherited stone in a new design, hand-enamelling a street sign on one of the witty Railings bangles or engraving a silver sleeve to match one’s drink of choice. The most important thing is that clients are presented with something of unrivalled originality. For example, calling in the matchless skills of micro-sculptor Willard Wigan to help in the realisation of Theo’s Empty Quarter Ring and Gladiator Ring, the former featuring three minute camels and the latter two gladiators, all of which are less than a millimetre in height.

Theo Fennell is one of today’s leading jewellery designers and his handcrafted masterpieces grace serious collections, famous bodies and tables all over the world.


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