Adventurer Scott Sears Wears Shackleton To Break Record

London, 26th December 2017: Lieutenant Scott Sears, First Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles, has broken the world record for the youngest person in history to complete an unassisted 1,130 Kilometres solo trek to the South Pole, arriving at the Pole on Christmas Day.

Wearing extreme weather clothing supplied by ANM client, Shackleton, Sears beat the age record by 3 years and completed the journey in 5 weeks. The £30,000 of money raised by Sears will benefit the Gurkha Welfare Trust and help to rebuild schools destroyed in the Nepalese earthquake of 2015.

Outerwear brand, Shackleton, supplied a selection of British-made extreme weather clothing for the journey which will be upgraded versions of its Polar range. All Shackleton products are tested in Antarctica by Shackleton Pioneers before going on sale.

“The last 5 weeks have been a huge challenge but I’m proud to be standing here now after 2 years of planning and training. To get the news we raised over £30,000 for the Gurkha Welfare Trust is the icing on the cake. It’s going to take a few weeks for everything to sink in, I’ve been alone in a tent for nearly 6 weeks so it’s all a bit overwhelming”.  “A huge thanks to the Shackleton Company and Juice Plus for their support, I couldn’t have done it with it them” he added.


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