John Smedley creates one off “Glow in the Dark” dress and blazer

John Smedley has created their most exclusive items yet, a one off dress and blazer created with a glow in the dark yarn.

The yarn itself is an extremely narrow tape yarn that contains billions of microscopic glass beads, the beads are designed to catch and reflect light. The beads can affect the flexibility of the yarn so for this dress John Smedley plated the yarn to their extra fine Merino which created a super soft, more flexible yarn, much more tactile for the wearer. In addition this combination gives the effect of a subtle marl or striping to the fabric so you will see hints of the reflective yarn hidden amongst John Smedley’s classic bronze Merino. As soon as light hits the beads, the fabric becomes reflective and glows when under flash photography. The fibre is entirely unique to John Smedley and created in their own mill in Derbyshire from where they have been manufacturing over 230 years.


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