ANM Weekend Inspiration

As the sun shines down on London, we think it’s time for a true Italian treat this weekend with delicious gelato from Venchi!

This year Venchi is excited to be celebrating its impressive 140th anniversary. Through a series of specially curated campaigns Venchi will be honouring its Italian heritage and a selection of its world-famous products which date back to the late 1870s.

With the summer season now well and truly upon us it is officially ‘Time for an Italian treat’, and Venchi is marking this very special time of year with the release of three brand new gelato flavours: Chocolate and Peach, Ecuador Chocolate Sorbet and Peru Chocolate Sorbet.

In Venchi’s Chocogelaterias, gelato is produced daily using natural, simple and carefully selected ingredients such as high quality fresh milk, Piedmont hazelnuts and carefully sourced chocolate. Venchi gelato is the ultimate expression of Italian tradition and with more than 90 flavours across the brand the gelato provides true moments of real pleasure in the perfect Italian style.

All of Venchi’s gelato flavours are free from additives, thickeners, chemical flavourings, colourings and hydrogenated fats. Venchi has five different locations across London including Covent Garden which boasts as instore ‘gelato laboratory’. Visitors to this store can watch the gelato being made by hand every day of the week. Venchi’s creamy gelato is a simple moment of pleasure to enjoy at any time and explores Italian flavours such as chocolate, piedmont hazelnuts, green pistachios from Bronte and PGI fruits. Venchi use traditional ingredients combined with innovative flavours to produce the perfect balance across all of their gelatos.

With three new flavours released this year Venchi remains true to its Piedmont tradition whilst continuing to be creative and inventive with ingredients. Venchi’s gelato is available with a choice of one to five flavours from £3.50 to £5.50 in either a cup or a cone. The gelato is also available to takeaway for £26 per KG



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