ANM Weekend Inspiration

WHAT: Oscar Viewing Party

WHERE: The Ham Yard Hotel

WHEN: Sunday 4th March

Enjoy a midnight feast, complete with espresso martinis while watching the 90th Academy Awards ceremony live from the comfort and luxury of The Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. Sip on exceptional cocktails poured up by the barkeeps of the hotel’s Dive Bar (which, in addition to being as stylish as the rest of the hotel, also boasts what is unequivocally the fanciest orange-juicing machine you’ll ever see), before taking your seats in their beautifully-lit private screening room for the ceremony. Here, they’ll be live-streaming the whole 7-hour epic, from red carpet interviews to the bloopers announcements themselves, while you pep yourself up with nibbles and espresso martinis to get you through until 5am.

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