Luca Faloni and The Luxury Cashmere Hoodie

Luca Faloni focuses on elegant designs that never go out of fashion and the ever popular Luca Faloni Cashmere Hoodie is a perfect expression of this.

Like the hoodie, which has evolved its style and cultural associations over time, Luca Faloni regularly adds material and styling twists to its designs in response to consumer demand.  These timeless designs combine Italian heritage and craftsmanship with contemporary styling and fit to cater for the everyday adventures of today’s modern man.

This contemporary garment has become a sartorial classic. Logos and badges have been removed and focus on quality materials is brought to the forefront. The Luca Faloni Hoodie is knitted in Italy with 100% two ply cashmere. Its refined silhouette is the result of removing bulky pockets and substituting the zip for elegant buttons.


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